VIP TICKETS Anzac Day Dawn Service on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Wandering Warriors


VIP Ticket Holders

The Wandering Warriors is honoured to offer a truly moving Anzac Day Dawn Service on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

VIP ticket holders will be hosted by contemporary Special Operations Veterans for the bridge climb, the dawn service and at the breakfast that follows.

During the bridge climb your hosts will share their experiences into the recent history of Special Forces training within Metropolitan Sydney. You will certainly be surprised to learn the extent of Sydney’s involvement in forging Australia’s Special Forces capabilities.

The Dawn Service will be a very special event. As dawn breaks the nation’s greatest city, the very reasons your fellow Australians risk their lives to protect our way of life and nation will be unveiled. As a soldier you spend a lot of mornings quietly waiting and watching the dawn unfold. It’s a dangerous and yet peaceful time for soldiers. We look forward to sharing this Dawn Service with you, our fellow Australians.

Once the Bridgeclimb is complete you will be transported to a breakfast function overlooking the harbour. During breakfast, you will receive keynote speech on Special Forces combat in Afghanistan, our keys to constant high performance, our view on success factors and our mission to build an education endowment for veterans.

We look forward to your company on this special morning.


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